Field Repair


Canada Tank Solutions Inc. offers complete field repairs and onsite inspection services for all types of storage tanks. If you have old or new tank construction, we can supply you with the right replacement parts, sidewall panels, decks, hoppers, and structural stiffener supports required to completely rebuild your tanks. We also provide tank/silo retrofit services, custom fabrication, tank relocation, foundation design and full engineering design/review services.  

At Canada Tank Solutions Inc. we offer:

  • Total part replacements for bolted smooth wall tanks, shop-welded, and field-welded tanks
  • Field repair, disassembly, and installation
  • Prompt quotations on repair and parts requirements
  • Field inspection on bolted tanks, shop-welded, field-welded tanks
  • Silo modifications and field retrofits
  • Passive and active flow arrangements, promoting functional mass flow
  • For applications where product flow/discharge is a concern, we offer product testing. Upon testing the material, precise recommendations can be incorporated into a field-modified design that will provide "reliable material" flow.
  • Field modifications changing tanks designed for "funnel flow" to "mass flow" designs
  • Replacement parts and service on auxiliary equipment
  • Design calculations and PE stamps available on proposed retrofit applications

Replacement & New Parts for RTP bolted, FP bolted, API 12B bolted, Shop-weld & Field-weld Tank Construction

  • Sidewall rings
  • Hoppers
  • Decks
  • Deck structural members
  • Skirt stiffeners
  • Liquid flat bottoms
  • Anchor bolts & saddles
  • Gasket, hardware , and sealant
  • Custom design & build accessories
  • Ladders, guardrails, walkways, platforms, structures

API 12B replacement panels are manufactured with an exact 90 degree flange connection. New replacement panels provide a better seal than the original flanged panel assemblies.

At Canada Tank Solutions Inc., we design the structural integrity of all replacement part assemblies heavier than the original tank designs.

Tank Components

  • Hardware - HDG, polycap, stainless, etc.
  • Gasket - EPDM, buna nitrile, viton, etc.
  • Sealants
  • Fill pipes, elbows, etc. - all sizes & construction Pipe support brackets & bridges
  • Flange and stub nozzles - all types, sizes & materials of construction
  • Bin vent filter flanges
  • Custom hopper transitions
  • Slide gates - all types & construction
  • OSHA ladder assemblies
  • OSHA perimeter guardrails
  • OSHA walkways and crossovers

Custom Steel Fabrication

  • Custom hopper transitions

  • Support structures – all custom design

  • Elevated tank supports

  • Equipment supports

  • Maintenance platforms – all types & sizes

  • Tank stairways & spiral stairways

Design Services

  • Engineering Service
  • Product flow testing
  • Engineering/system design
  • Structural steel designs
  • Foundation design
  • Silo & hopper designs
  • Storage tank designs
  • Custom design services
  • Auxiliary equipment interface

Field Installation Services

  • Tank disassembly
  • Tank field coating, blasting, recoating
  • Tank relocation
  • Tank installation
  • Auxiliary equipment installed
  • Storage system start-up
  • Tank insulation
  • Tank retrofit & repair
  • Tank inspection
  • Tank services worldwide Auxiliary Equipment
  • Truck & rail load out systems
  • Bottom reclaim screw unloaders
  • Fluidizing systems
  • Dustless unloading spouts
  • Bin vent filters
  • Bin activators /dischargers
  • Passive discharge hopper transitions
  • Bucket elevators
  • Pneumatic conveyor systems
  • Mechanical conveyor systems
  • Inventory measurement
  • Instrumentation
  • Internal Electric and Coil
  • Heating