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About Canada Tank Solutions Inc

Canada Tank Solutions Inc. is an inventive design, build, and service organization specializing in innovative tank solutions. We engineer, manufacture, and construct customized storage tank systems for various industries including oil and gas, energy and power, water and waste water, fire protection, bio gas and bio diesel and dry bulk.

We assemble a team of experienced professionals for any size project regarding hybrid storage tanks and silos, aluminum geodesic domes, shop-welded tanks, bolted RTP tanks, and field weld installations. We also offer quality industrial insulation services.

At Canada Tank solutions, our reputation is built on quality, safety and customer satisfaction. Our team is determined to build your project’s success.

Give us a call for your next project and let us assist you with the specifying, practical, cost efficient solutions. We’re determined to offer innovative tank solutions that meet your requirements while minimizing both construction time and cost.

For more information, to request a quote or a Lunch & Learn session at your location, please contact us at or eastern Canada office 1-905-281-8876, our western Canada office 1-587 525-5579 or via our contact form. We proudly serve customers nationally across Canada.